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website design, email marketing Automation, Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns, and MUCH more
SUPERB results...
I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One In Your Business To Help You Build Your Online Presence ASAP!
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Small Businesses Just Like Yours Use My Services To:
➡️Create Eye Catching Websites and Sales Pages
➡️Create Their Online Presence FAST 
➡️Send buyers to your online and offline offers.
➡️create automated email campaigns for your email list
➡️Get more Leads & sales

Whether You Sell Online or in a physical location, I can help!
Need Someone Who Can  
Consistently Provide QUALITY Services To Build Your Online Presence?


I'm not the cheapest or the most expensive.

Yet for me it's all about the quality, and making sure my clients are ecstatic with their results!
Hey, I'm Chris Friesen,
Owner of Crooked Pine Marketing
  • I Am Reliable
  • I Under-Promise & Over-Deliver
  • I Understand How To Meet Your Expectations
  • I Can Customize Your Order In Almost Any Way 
You are already investing time and money.  

No bullshit.

I can create eye catching websites, landing pages, setup and maintain Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns that convert, and create email marketing automation for your small business...

How did I end up here and why am I doing this?

I'm actually a commercial gym owner and personal trainer who fell in love with digital marketing while building my online fitness business.

I started building my online business in 2012 and quickly found that creating engaging websites and sales pages, and getting quality traffic to your website is the most important, but confusing, part of building a successful business, regardless of whether your business is online or a physical location. 

I spent tons of money figuring out the digital and online marketing space...

I've spent a ton of money on Bing Ads, Google Adwords, and Facebook Ads but was never able to break even. 

Plus, I got my Facebook account banned more than a few times because of how strict their advertising guidelines are.

I tried building an email list for my business with search engine optimization using my blog, but it's an enormous amount of work, and it changes so fast that by the time I figured out how to do it properly, it would already be outdated.

I went all in and took course after course after course, and actually implementing what I was learning, and  I began to see some GREAT results...

what sets my Digital Marketing apart from the rest?

Complete Website & Landing Page Design
Let me take out all the guesswork out of the equation and design stunning and mobile responsive websites and landing pages for your physical or online business
Responsive Support
I support you beyond just website design.

Need help with your marketing campaigns, email swipes, landing pages or even Facebook Ad Campaigns?

Get The "VIP Treatment"
If you're a first time customer, you qualify for a "first time client" 10% discount off my regular price. 

That's my way of breaking the ice on your first transaction with me.

I am committed to your satisfaction
Email Marketing Automation
Don't know how to write a great email sequence that gets your email list engaged? 

I got you covered. 

 Connect an email autoresponder service to your website to collect leads on auto-pilot and market your business and services "automagically"
Ad Campaign Creation & Management
Complete Facebook and Instagram Ad campaign creation and management. Take your business to the next level with paid traffic campaigns on the world's #1 social media platforms
Wordpress Installation & Hosting Setup
Let us setup your website hosting, connect your business domain name and install your WordPress Dashboard so that you can make changes to your website content at your leisure. Or take the "hands off" approach and let us handle it for you!
Wordpress Plugin Installation
We install all the essential WordPress plugins you need to make sure that your site is secure, loads quickly on all platforms, and runs smoothly and efficiently.
Search Engine Optimization
We make sure that your website is Search Engine Optimized for Google, Bing and Yahoo so that your customers will find you when they need your services.
Don't Have An Existing Domain Name?
Not a problem! We can find, register and connect a unique domain name for your business.
This is your defining moment.
The Decision Is Now...
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